The York Pi Jam team are delighted to announce we are in the Best Event category for the second consecutive year.

All our events are free, not-for-profit

We are a non-profit event organised by volunteers, and one of the organisers is just 16 years old. We provide coding and digital making activities for children and adults to participate in. We run a range of small and larger events, including workshops, which are all free to attend.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment to learn digital skills in, which is not like a classroom, and we encourage hands on learning.

We mainly also celebrate the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an organisation that creates resources and created the credit card sized computer that only costs £35, the smallest costing just £5, meaning everyone can have a go at creating amazing projects.

Being all volunteers, we put in a lot of time and effort into organising events. We also have to get equipment for events. Thankfully, we are still able to be a free event and not-for-profit, therefore meaning any funds York Pi Jam gets, goes straight into equipment and events, no money is given to volunteers or wasted.

Our volunteers are dedicated to supporting the community and helping others learning skills, of which are very useful in the 21st century.  

Also being winning this event, it means we can apply for more grants to make our events better than ever, and it means we can support schools and other organisations to deliver digital making activities to children and adults in York.

By winning, it also will allow us to support and organise brand new events, which has an overall benefit to York.

Voting is free, one vote per device, and the winners are chosen by you.

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