Today marked the launch of the JAM HAT, our first ever product! Over the past year, we teamed up with ModMyPi to launch the JAM HAT. It’s basically buttons, buzzers and bright LEDs! If you’re starting on your Raspberry Pi journey, we’ve now got the board just for you. Each board comes to you fully assembled, ready to plug and play and features:

  • 6 x Awesome “Traffic Light” LEDs (2x Red, 2x Yellow and 2x Green)
  • 2 x Terrific Tactile “Push to Make” Buttons
  • 1 x Super Cool Buzzer/Sounder

In our opinion, the JAM HAT is the perfect add-on board for learning how to code electronic hardware with the Raspberry P and is designed for use by beginners, schools and coding clubs.

The HAT’s are £7 per hat (excludes shipping) or £4.80 per hat when you buy 5 or more (excludes shipping). The HAT’s are only available on the ModMyPi website.

Interested, view more information on the HAT here!

Fingers crossed, this marks the start for more products to come.



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