Take a minute to breathe!

For many of our attendees, it’s a busy period for them.

SAT’s, GCSE’s and A-Level’s are all being sat around the UK. For many this is a truly stressful time. But what can you do?

Take a minute out of your revision, watch TV and/or do your favourite thing.

Don’t discuss answers to exams… this will only stress you out further. Whatever happens…. happens. We’re all humans, we will make mistakes. Don’t focus on these mistakes, park them and move on.

And it’s not the end of the world! There are many more options for you, no matter what!

If you are feeling the pressure and it is affecting you, get in touch with Childline, Youngminds or other organisations. Remember your school teachers are here to help!

And finally, good luck from the York Pi Jam team!

You are so much more than your grades!

Remember our organisers/volunteers are here to help as well. Luke and David are both sitting their GCSE’s too, Luke doing Computer Science, so if you do want to speak to them, drop us an email or see us at our July Jam!

The York Pi Jam Team

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