Our Big Birthday Weekend Jam is coming soon… and trust us, you don’t want to miss it!

We’re super excited to share another update of our plans with you!

We have 4 workshops available for you to try out…

Traffic Light Coding – Learn to code in Python and control traffic lights on the Raspberry Pi. Quite a challenging workshop and people may need to buddy up with others as we only have a limited amount of traffic lights. 30 minutes

Coding For Beginners – Learn the basics of coding and code in Scratch, a child friendly programming language. This workshop is great for beginners and people who are unsure on what coding is. 30 minutes

Make your own Cookie Clicker game in Scratch – Learn how to make your own “cookie clicker” style incremental game in Scratch 3.0. Cookie clicker games involve pressing something repeatedly and then buying upgrades to increase your clicking power. They all have no ending. We’ll have various scratch based examples ready for you to look at and learn from as well as code snippets and explanations at the start of the workshop. 30 minutes

and we still have one more workshop currently in development, we’ll update you on that as soon as we can.

We also will be doing a talk, led by me. I will be talking about the benefits of learning Scratch. This talk is perfect for parents/guardians who want to know why we should be encouraging children to learn to code. This talk is ticketed but it is free. When you sign in at the venue on the day ask for a talk ticket. I’m not a natural talker… eek!


We’re going to be taking photos for our website, social media and for newspaper articles. If you would not like to be photographed please speak to a member of our staff. Other Jam’s will be using a photo booth, but we will not be participating with this and will instead by taking photos of workshops and our talk.

Ask us questions

From 2pm-2:30pm we will be in the talk room where you can ask us questions about what we do and our events. We will also being taking a group photo.


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