Here is our update on the Big Birthday Weekend Jam Preparation!

Our team has been super busy and we can’t wait to share our plans with you so far…

We plan to have a mix of workshops led by the York Pi Jam team and other volunteers. Later on in the afternoon we plan to have a talk/interactive discussion on the Raspberry Pi’s and Jam’s.

We will be creating a programme for you on the day so don’t panic.

Workshops wise, we will have some beginners to the Raspberry Pi, some Scratch and some traffic light coding (my favourite and also led by me!).

Talks wise, we will have a discussion on the benefits of coding, parent’s… we’ve aimed this at you! Later on we will all come into the talk room to allow you to ask questions on York Pi Jam, for our group photo and basically a chit chat where you, the attendees can ask us, the organisers/volunteers, any burning questions!

If you would not like to be in the photo, let a member of staff know. We will be wearing Jam T-shirts and/or lanyards.

Correction, there will be no photo booth. Instead we will be taking photos of our workshops and our talk.


Tickets are going so make sure to get yours now. They’re free. You will need an adult ticket if your child is under 16 as they do need to be supervised.

Remember to bring your ticket for ease of registration. We have a mobile app where we can just scan in the QR code on our ticket but you can let us know your name and we will tick you off our printed list.


We feel your pain. Our Jam will be quite a long one of 3 hours. We can’t let you starve so here is some useful information:


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