We had such an awesome time running the Beginners Course To Scratch at Tang Hall Explore Library’s Fun Palace.

We ran 1 hour workshops from 11am all the way up until 4pm (it was meant to be until 3pm but it was so busy we added an extra workshop on).

A massive thank you to the librarians there for all their help and also to all the attendees that came. Thank you!

We even did a ‘York Pi Jam Wall Of Wisdom’ where the attendees could add their feedback on the event:

(bottom right image) This response even came with a drawing of the two volunteers, Luke and David.

A massive thank you for coming and we hope to see you next year.

If you would like the project to download so you can recreate your projects at home then visit our blog or click here.


2 thoughts on “Beginners Course To Scratch”

    1. Hi Anne, thanks. The Wisdom Wall was a great way for the attendees to share their feedback and what they had learnt. Fingers crossed, the Wisdom Wall will be making a return at our future events.

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